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Businesses, non-profits, organizations, – do you find the daily operation of your facility or business overwhelming?  Do you need external support to help your team including tools to improve sales, customer experience and reduce conflict? Is Improved Communication, Conflict Resolution and Mental Health & Wellness part of your company policy and philosophy?

If you are so busy running the day to day operations and hoping that the team will manage themselves this will not work.  Denying and ignoring will not make your problems go away, and in fact can make things worse. If effective communication and proper training is lacking, conflict can arise and this will have a negative effect on the team.  This can result in lack of engagement, toxic behaviour, increased stress and decreased productivity. At the root of most workplace problems is poor communication which then leads to problems in these areas.  Businesses must be able to deal properly with these negative behaviours and have proper training and support in place to manage conflict, improve communication and increase employee engagement.  As well, attention should be given to support the mental health and wellness of everyone within the organization. When ignored, these issues have an effect on employee morale, retention and lower performance.

LET ME HELP YOU! I am a Certified Business Coach as well as a Certified Workplace Health & Performance Ambassador. In addition, I have been an award-winning  sales representative with many years of excellent communication and conflict resolution skills.

I can work with your business as a whole, or with individual employees on all of these issues with a focus on communication, improved productivity and sales as well as Workplace Wellness. I have consulted with many types of businesses in a wide range of products and services across the prairies, in areas such as selling new products, complex medical equipment, and sales and communication training. I have advised business owners on many topics including  human resource questions, communication, and conflict resolution, and have witnessed in person some of  their struggles.  I observed inadequately trained employees; poor communication skills; high staff turnover; toxic behaviour; and burnout, with some leaving their jobs altogether. This has increased over the course of the Covid 19 pandemic. As well, Mental Health issues are on the rise and need to be addressed in the workplace.

During my 25+ year career, I have attained certificates in many topics, among them:

  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Certified Workplace Health & Performance Ambassador
  • Team Building and Conflict Resolution;
  • Effective Communication
  • Dealing with Toxic Behaviour in the Workplace
  • Stress Management
  • Leadership Coaching and Skills
  • Certificate in Indigenous Studies
  • I am confident if given the opportunity, and with effort from you and your team, I can help improve overall workplace communication, well being, and culture, which should result in increased productivity and staff retention.


Organizational and individual consulting services offered hourly, or on contract basis. Directly working within the business or organization (remote or in person) and with individuals employed there that are experiencing difficulties with coworkers, clients and leadership. This is done through collection of information; meeting individually and confidentially with employees to get their perspective and find out what their needs might be; meeting with business owners and managers concluding with a summary of my findings and then recommendations on what can be done to improve the environment.

  • Mental health awareness
  • Workplace Health & Performance  (Psychological Health)
  • Effective communication and dealing with difficult people
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Helping employees stay engaged
  • Dealing with toxic behavior
  • Improving workplace culture
  • Basic management topics – employee handbooks, delegating; business advice

Individual or Business Consulting and coaching fees by the hour, or on contract basis (plus expenses and travel time if required.)

Workshops for businesses, organizations and leadership on the following topics:

Call 204-771-1497 for pricing.

Mental Health Awareness and Sensitivity

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 Effective Communication and Dealing With Difficult People

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Improving Workplace Culture

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Conflict Resolution

Workshops Offered Remotely (as well as in person as pandemic allows).

Workshops pricing dependent on number of attendees and venue -as well as the length of the workshop.


“Theresa’s presentation ‘Let’s Get Civility and Respect Back into the Workplace’ was such a great learning experience. The presentation was very interactive through asking the group questions and asking us to share our experiences. She provided us all with many problem-solving tools and provided examples to ensure we all understood. She brought up many great points about communication skills and reminded us of simple skills to work on where communication fall-outs frequently occur. I feel a lot more prepared to handle difficult communication situations and came out of the talk with a lot more tools to use as a team leader in my veterinary clinic.”

2022 SAVT Conference Representative Jessie L

“I have known and worked with Theresa for over 20 years. She has always had a team approach and excellent effective communication. Theresa is prepared to take on those tough discussions and address those difficult situations that can occur in a workplace. She understands the importance of addressing the mental health and wellbeing of all employers and employees and has solid solutions to offer. By improving workplace mental health awareness, effective communication for dealing with difficult people, and stress management, your workplace can be a much greater success. Theresa can help your company work towards that.”

Richard Rusk, DVM, MD, DipABPM
Director – CPD Medicine, University of Manitoba

“Theresa gave a very informative and engaging workshop to our team. I would recommend her services for team-building, education, and coaching.”

November 2021

Jennifer Meub – Office Administrator  –  Dakota Veterinary Hospital

“I attended Theresa’s recent Leadership Crash Course.  She had great content and some easy down to earth suggestions.  Highly recommend Theresa if you are looking for help with leadership, communication, conflict resolutions and mental health awareness.”   May 2022

Karen Laventure – Client Services Representative – WDDC

“We had Theresa Collins-Nelson in to deliver a workshop on effective workplace communication to our Veterinary Hospital Assistant students  in the spring term, and she was wonderful. The information was extremely helpful to our soon-to-graduate students, and they all really enjoyed the session. Recommended.”  March 2021

Deborah Lampitt-McConnachie
Program Manager – Veterinary Hospital Assistant Program
Centre for Art and Technology  Kelowna, B.C.


If you wish to hear about the recorded webinars you can take part in, where we cover topics such as:

  • Leadership – Improving Workplace Culture and Leading with Empathy;
  • Let’s Get Civility & Respect Back into the Workplace;
  • and Workplace Wellness – How Mental and Physical Health are Intertwined.

Please email me at . The cost for the webinars are $49 plus GST each.


All communication via meetings; emails; text messages and any other medium will be kept confidential to ensure honesty and trust. Employees and owners sharing information with me can be assured that their personal comments will be kept confidential.